Structured Professional Development Programmes (SPDP)

SPDP for teachers are generally organized in ‘units’ or ‘modules’, each with fixed duration, a chosen theme, well defined learning outcomes and suggested contents.

The objective of such structured programmes is to provide basic concepts and technical knowhow on specified topics or themes so as to provide knowledge and skills to teachers who required such knowledge and skills in better carrying out their duties.

Such requirements are dynamic: changing continuously to reflect the changes in social, economic and technological developments.

Since Learning and Teaching is the most important domain of the Teacher Competence Framework, this domain is chosen for the development of structured programme in the first year.

As of today, to teach a class of students, the teacher might need the following knowledge and skills in planning, designing and implementing learning activities:

  • A. Understanding the needs and position of the Programme

    • What is the position of the programme in the education environment locally and how it compares to similar programmes globally?

    • What are the profiles of targeted students enrolled in the programme?

    • What are the motivation, abilities and expectations of students?

  • B. Pedagogical content knowledge

    • The structure of the content knowledge he/she is going to teach, including that of the discipline, the differences between application and learning sequences, the implications for a particular group of students, etc., for prioritizing focus of learning as well as scheduling learning sequence.

    • Strategies in facilitating students learning, such as scheduling the learning of students according to the learning outcomes and within the given timeframe, choosing appropriate contents for the target group, designing and creating learning experiences to match the learning needs of students, managing and monitoring student learning, etc.

  • C. Basic teaching, facilitating and assessment skills

    • A number of teaching and facilitating skills, such as lecturing, workshops, project learning, etc. for selection

    • Knowledge and skills in assessing student learning, interpreting the assessment results and using the results in reviewing and revising the strategies in facilitating student learning

2014 Programme

As a head start, the following 6 modules, of 6 hours each in duration, are suggested for piloting in the first year:

Module # Module Description
Module 1 The position of self-financing tertiary education programmes in Hong Kong
Module 2 Understanding students of the self-financing tertiary education sector in Hong Kong
Module 3 Pedagogical Content Knowledge (1)
Module 4 Models of learning: Tools for teaching
Module 5 Induction to assessing student learning
Module 6 Helping students to face developmental issues in Life and in Learning

2015 Programme

Module # Module Description
Module 1 Engaging students in purposeful learning
Module 2A Student characteristics and learning styles
Module 2B Helping students to face issues in life and in learning
Module 2C Understanding students with special learning needs
Module 3A What is educational Assessment and the most common assessment tool: written tests
Module 3B Constructing assessment task in practice

2016 Programme

Module # Module Description
Module 1A Introduction to Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Module 1B Designing a curriculum in IA context - Models of learning: Tools for teaching
Module 2A The Key Components and Process in Developing a Module Curriculum
Module 2B Designing a module curriculum in context

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      SPDP for teachers are generally organized in ‘units’ or ‘modules’, each with fixed duration, a chosen theme, well defined learning outcomes and suggested contents... MORE

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