Programme 1

Unveil the Self-financing Tertiary Education Sector in Hong Kong

Learning programmes of the Self-Financing Tertiary Education Sector (the Sector) have fundamental differences from that of the primary and secondary school curriculum. Basically every programme of the sector has a subject focus, such as Financial Accounting, Health-care Management, Social Work etc, where each subject has a well-defined body of knowledge which are diversified in nature. Each programme also has certain common components, such as languages, mathematics, IT, general education etc.

Students of the sector also have diversified characteristics: in a class, students come from different schools with different learning experiences, i.e. they might have very different background knowledge of a particular course; and their cultures of learning and competencies in learning skills are very different.

How to engage such a group of students in purposeful and meaningful learning is one of the key challenges for new practitioners of the Sector.

This Programme introduces the general profiles of students of the sector and common strategies in managing student learning in the classroom.

Module 1:
Engaging students in purposeful learning

To provide participants with common characteristics of the students of the sector, the education environment of the Sector and basic skill set in teaching students of the Sector.

Learning outcomes:
After completing the module, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the position of the self-financing education sector within the Hong Kong education system
  • Identify the common expectations, attitude and learning styles of sub-degree students
  • Identify the concepts, considerations, and procedures of at least two learning and teaching strategies, such as lecturing, guided discussion, project learning etc.
  • Design a learning activity for topics of their own choice, and have consider factors such as nature of the topic, prior knowledge, attitude, and learning styles of the target students etc. in the design process.
  • Present his/her own design and critique on others’ presentations.
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