About the Project

This project, building on the strengths of the QEGS project entitled “Development of Joint Teacher Training and Staff Development Project” awarded to FSTE in 2009, aims at addressing issues emerged from the QEGS project.

The deliverables of the QEGS project were well received by both the administrators and practitioners of the Sector. Feedbacks from various channels reflected the needs of the Sector:

  • The Programme should include diversified topics and training modes to address different training needs of practitioners
  • The Programme should offer flexible modes of attendance and carry a credit accumulation system to accommodate the busy schedules of practitioners
  • There should be a well-structured framework with progressive ladders so that practitioners will know their present positions and the subsequent movement

It is anticipated that deliverables of this Project will include:

  • A Teacher Competencies Framework for self-financing post-secondary education sector in Hong Kong which contains a number of knowledge and skills dimensions, a progressive ladder within each dimension and descriptors for each level
  • A set of exemplary professional development programmes, such as startup programmes for new and potential teachers, structured taught programmes, workshops on development of specific skills, sharing of good practices, teachers’ network of common subjects, etc.
  • A credit accumulation system across modules of the programme for the certification of participants attending and/or completing respective training modules

Working Group Members:
Professor Reggie KWAN (Caritas)
Dr Leung Chi Cheung (HKIEd)
Dr Maurice Choi (OUHK)
Dr Simon Chung (HKCC, PolyU)
Dr Vaughan Mak (CUSCS)
Mr Chan Wai To (CityU SCOPE)
Dr Eliot Lee (HKU SPACE CC)
Mr Eric Kwong (HKIT)
Ms Jennifer Lee (CCLU & LIFE)
Ms Joanna Cheng (VTC)
Ms Mandy Ho (Caritas)
Ms Shida Lee (HKCT)

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